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  • 400-490 MHz
    Dipole antennas DM4 UHF(L), DM4 UHF(H)

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    400-490 MHz  Dipole antennas DM4 UHF(L), DM4 UHF(H)

    Electrical specifications

    Model DM4 UHF(L) DM4 UHF(H)
    Operating frequency band, MHz 400-460 440-490
    VSWR, not more than 1.5
    Gain OFFSET, dBi 11.15 11.15
    Sector in vertical plane , -3dB 18В°
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Max. power input, W 400

    Mechanical specifications

    Model DM4 UHF(L) DM4 UHF(H)
    Weight, kg 6
    Height, M 2.4
    Construction material Aluminium alloy
    Mast diametr mm 50-110
    Rated wind velocity, m/s 55
    Wind loading area, m2 0.092
    Load of side wind 45 m/s, H 104
    Rated wind velocity with 0.5" icing, m/s 40
    Temperature range, В°C from -50 to +60
    Connector N-female

    In the conditions of increased demand for dipole four-element antennas DP4 UHF their modernization has been conducted with the aim to decrease the prime cost and to enhance the electrical reliability. As a result there were worked out the four-element all-welded antenna arrays - DM4-UHF(L) and DM4-UHF(H) which cover the range of 400-500 MHz. These antennas possess all the features of the panel antennas - high gain, broad operating bandwidth and elliptical shape of the radiation pattern. Nonseparable adder unit improves the reliability of antenna and facilitates its mounting. The construction of two such antennas placed on the opposite edges of the mast suggests the best solution at creating quasi-circular antenna system (the annular phased antenna array). A set of clamps CP-110 for mounting antenna to the mast is included into the antenna equipment and allows antenna`s reliable fixing at the telecommunication towers

    DM4 UHF E-plane pattern

    DM4 UHF H-plane pattern

    VSWR diagram, DM4 UHF(L)

    VSWR diagram, DM4 UHF(H)

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