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  • 2m HAM-radio dipole antennas D1-2m, D2-2m, D4-2m

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    2m HAM-radio dipole antennas D1-2m, D2-2m, D4-2m

    Electrical specifications

    Model D1-2m D2-2m D4-2m
    Operating frequency band, MHz 125-160
    VSWR, not more than 1,5
    Gain OMNI, dBi 2.15 5.15 8.15
    Gain OFFSET, dBi 5.15 8.15 11.15
    Sector (-3dB) in vertical plane 700 370 180
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Max. power input, W 400 400 400

    Mechanical specifications

    Model D1-2m D2-2m D4-2m
    Weight, kg 2,3 5,54 10,4
    Height/Length, M 0,95 2.3 5
    Construction material Aluminium alloy
    Mast diametr, mm 38-65
    Rated wind velocity, m/s 45
    Wind loading area, m2 0,07 0,29 0,6
    Rated wind velocity with 0.5" icing, m/s 28
    Temperature range, °C from -50 to +50
    Connector N-female

    D1-2m, D2-2m, D4-2 are the series of legendary Pistolkors loop dipoles, designed specially for a two-meter amateur band of 144-146 MHz.
    If we look at match frequency characteristics of its predecessor for commercial communications in the range of 160 MHz, we can hardly call it "operable" for amateur frequencies. Radio amateurs are very demanding and pedantic persons. Therefore, in order to satisfy their needs, we had to change the size of the antenna and matching transformers. Thus, the first single dipole was created, and later the double, and quadruple antenna arrays.
    Due to new antennas with the duplexer DPRE4-6-2m we can now create the ideal repeaters.

    VSWR diagram D4-2m

    H-plane pattern D1-2m, OMNI (1/2λ)

    H-plane pattern D1-2m, OFFSET (1/4λ)

    H-plane pattern D1-2m, OFFSET (1/8λ)

    VSWR diagram D1-2m

    VSWR diagram D2-2m

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