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    IK-Telecom can design, engineer, and manufacture RF Site Equipment products that enhance the effectiveness of communications systems.

    Our missions: to provide unique custom solutions tailored to customer requirements; development and production of antenna-feeder equipment for the base stations of professional mobile communications within the frequency ranges of 30-50, 118-136, 140-174, 300-360, 400-490 MHz. We accomplish the tasks of the integrated construction of the antenna-feeder equipment systems.

    In Parallel with this, we manufacture and deliver the separate components of these systems: vertical, dipole, directional, panel sector antennas; coaxial filters; narrowband duplexers, bandpass duplexers, pass-reject duplexers, small-size mobile duplexers; hybrid transmitter combiners, low-loss transmitter combiners; ferrite isolators, intermodulation filters; preselectors, low-noise amplifiers, receiving distribution panels, external receiving modules, power dividers of signals, accessories, telecommunications racks.

    Moreover, we deliver a wide spectrum of SHF equipment, namely for DECT (1880-1900), GSM (1710-1870), WLAN (2400-2485) and for the frequency ranges of 3.5, 5.2 and 5.6 GHz: collinear antennas, antennas for ceiling mounting, panel sector, cross-polarization, parabolic antennas as well as intra-office antennas and the subscriber's antennas.

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