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  • 400-540 MHz
    Dipole antennas D2 UHF I, D4 UHF I, D4 UHF(H)I

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    D2 UHF I

    D4 UHF I

    Electrical specifications

    Model D2 UHF I D4 UHF I D4 UHF(H)I
    Operating frequency band, MHz 400-490 400-490 450-540
    VSWR, not more than 1.5 1,5 1.5
    Gain OMNI, dBi 5.15 8.15 8.15
    OFFSET, dBi 8.15 11.15 11.15
    Sector in vertical plane -3 dB 37° 18° 18°
    Impedance, Ohm 50 50 50
    Max. power input, W 200 200 200

    Mechanical specifications

    Model D2 UHF I D4 UHF I D4 UHF(H)I
    Weight, kg 3.5 7 7
    Construction material Aluminium alloy
    Mast diametr, mm 38-65
    Rated wind velocity, m/s 55
    Wind loading area, m2 0.056 0.112 0.112
    Load of side wind, 45 m/s 64 128 128
    Rated wind velocity with 0.5" icing, m/s 28
    Temperature range, °C from -50 to +50
    Connector N-female

    Antenna arrays of series "I" (letter "I" - from "integrated"), namely, D2 UHF I and D4 UHF I consist of two and four dipoles D1 UHF, correspondingly, fixed on a mast and connected by all-soldered cable integrators without connectors. These antennas possess all the advantages of antennas of "D" series: broad operating bandwidth, practically circular radiation pattern, low sensitivity to the noise of industrial origin, the possibility to slightly change the radiation pattern of antenna array in H-plane, the steady polymeric coating. New antennas D2 UHF I and D4 UHF I are remarkable for their enhanced reliability due to all-soldered wiring. For operating at the frequencies 450-540 MHz we have developed a model D4 UHF(H) I. These antennas are provided with the detailed SWR graphs for various RP.

    VSWR diagram, D2 UHF I

    VSWR diagram, D4 UHF I

    VSWR diagram, D4 UHF(H) I

    D1 UHF H-plane pattern, OMNI (1/2λ)

    D1 UHF H-plane pattern, OFFSET(1/4λ)

    D1 UHF H-plane pattern, OFFSET (1/8λ)

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