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  • 148/172 MHz
    Vertical antenna F2 VM

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    148/172 MHz  Vertical antenna F2 VM

    Electrical specifications

    Model F2 VM
    Operating Frequency band, MHz 148-151/169-173
    VSWR, not more than 2
    Gain,dBi 5.15
    Sector in vertical plane , -3dB 38В°
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Max. Power input, W 400
    Lightning protection yes
    Adjustable no need

    Mechanical specifications

    Model F2 VM
    Weight, kg 3,15
    Height/Length, mm 3160
    Mast diametr, mm 50-110
    Radome fiberglass diam.50 mm
    Rated Wind Velocity, m/s 40
    Wind Loading area, m2 0,16
    Load of side wind 40 m/s, H 180
    Temperature Range, В°C -50 to +60
    Connector N-female

    Operating frequency band of 148 and 172 MHz enables easy implementation of radio repeater telecommunications systems. Our company offers to the market new unique collinear antenna, designed specifically for use in 148/172 MHz telecommunications systems. It has two resonance points at the frequency band of 148-149 and 171 172 MHz (insignificant factory readjustment is allowable). Two active dipoles, jacketed into durable fiberglass radome, provide 3 dBd gain due to phasing. Thus you can make perfect single or multichannel antenna-feeder circuit with circular radiation and high selectivity and decoupling level between TX and RX circuits using this antenna together with duplexer DPF5-3V, DPF2-6VM or MDF-6VM.

    F2 VM E-plane pattern

    VSWR diagram, F2 VM

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