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  • 23 cm
    Vertical antenna A10-23-H

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    23 cm Vertical antenna A10-23-H

    Electrical specifications

    Model A10-23-H
    Operating frequency band, MHz 1270-1300
    Operating channels RS01-RS028
    Gain, dBi 10.4
    VSWR 1.5
    Polarization Vertical
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Input Power, W 100
    Vertical Beam Width, deg 11
    Lightning protection DC grounded

    Mechanical specifications

    Model A10-23-H
    Weight, kg 0.8
    Length, mm 1550
    Diameter of radome, mm 30
    Radome material White fiberglass
    Radiator material Cooper
    Diameter of support, mm 35
    Mast diameter, mm 35-70
    Mount kit CPK-70 for mast 35-70 mm or for wall mounting
    Connector N-female
    Operating temperature, deg.C from -50 to +50

    Antenna A10-23-H is specially designed for operate in the top sub-band of an amateur band 23 cm and intended for work in structure of a repeater together with duplexers MDF1-6-23 or DPRE4-6-23.
    The antenna is constructed on a principle transposition 1/2О» coaxial radiators. Its sizes are optimized for achievement of the maximal gain along horizon, that effectively affects range of repeater. Therefore its working strip makes only 30 MHz. For operate in the bottom site of 23 cm band 1240-1270 MHz ask antenna A10-23L.
    The complete set of the antenna includes convenient fastening with a collar from stainless steel. The antenna radom made from fiberglass. Antenna is earthed on a direct current.

    Gain diagram A10-23-H

    VSWR diagram A10-23-H

    A10-23-H E-plane pattern

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