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  • 30-48 MHz
    Low-loss transmitter combiner CL8-3(2)LB-150

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    30-48 MHz  Low-loss transmitter combiner CL8-3(2)LB-150

    Electrical specifications

    Model CL8-3(2)LB(L)-150 CL8-3(2)LB(H)-150
    Operating frequency band, MHz 30-40 38-48
    Insertion loss @ min. space, dB 1.5-2
    Min. space TX/TX, kHz 400
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Isolation TX-TX not less, dB 40
    VSWR, not more than 1,5
    Input power, W not more than 150
    Temperature range, В°C -30 to +60
    Cavity electrical length 1/4О»

    Mechanical specifications

    Model CL8-3(2)LB(L)-150 CL8-3(2)LB(H)-150
    Diameter of cavity, mm (ins.) 200x200 (8"x8")
    Weight without rack, kg 130 101.6
    Connector N-female
    Mount to 19-inch rack yes

    Due to the appearance at the market of new radio stations of the range LB many enterprises having at their disposal this unique frequency range are currently reviving the systems of mobile communications. The increase in the amount of radio stations at supervisory consoles has demanded more professional approach to the construction of antenna-feeder systems and application of this combiner. The coaxial resonators of enhanced quality-factor(Q-factor) of diameter 8" have been successfully applied by us in a new model of CL8-3(2)LB-150 combiner which has allowed providing the operation of three simplex radio stations for one antenna. The minimum frequency separation between the channels has made up 400 KHz and the isolation - nor less than 40 dB. The application of this combiner jointly with a new wideband antenna of the type GPW-1LB gives the possibility to add the significantly separated simplex frequencies.

    Low loss transmitter combiner CL8-3(2)LB-150

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