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  • GSM 860-970/1710-1900 MHz
    Subscribers' antennas SS-3GL, SU-6GL, SU-6GH

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    Electrical specifications

    Model SS-3GL SU-6GL SU-6GH
    Operating frequency band, Mhz 860-970 860-970 1710-1900
    Gain,dBi 3 5.5 5,5
    VSWR, not more than 1.5 1.5 1.5
    Front-to-back ratio, dB present 15 15
    Polarization vertical
    Max. power input, W
    50 50 50
    H-plane beamwidth 360° 86° 86°
    E-plane beamwidth 100° 55° 55°
    Impedance, Ohm 50 50 50

    Mechanical specifications

    Model SS-3GL SU-6GL SU-6GH
    Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 250x250x90 195x50x265 195x50x265
    Weight, kg 0.25 0.85 0.8
    Rated wind velocity, m/s no data 55 55
    Radiator copper copper copper
    Radome Polystyrene white grey ABS grey ABS
    Mounting On a ceiling On a wall
    Connector N-female N-female on a cable (SMA, TNC - optional)

    This small subscriber`s antenna - SU-6G, will help to increase significantly the quality of the mobile cellular telephone operation. It will also ensures a reliable operation of the GSM repeater for improving the cellular coverage inside the premises: big iron-concrete buildings, the premises below the earth level, etc. The antennas are suitably mounted on the pipe-mast, on the wall, on the horizontal surface by means of an additional wall bracket. For the direct switching to the cellular telephone it is necessary to make an additional order for the feeder of the needed length and for a jumper.
    To create a distributed antenna network of the repeaters in GSM-900 the antennas of the ceiling mounting - SS-3GL - are often used. They are mounted on the ceiling panels and are switched to the feeder network through the power dividers.

    SS-3GL E-plane pattern

    SU-6G E-plane pattern

    SU-6G H-plane pattern

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