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  • 380-400 MHz
    Panel sector TETRA antennas RAO-2T-120, RAO-4T-120

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    380-400 MHz Panel sector TETRA antennas RAO-2T-120, RAO-4T-120

    Electrical specifications

    Model RAO-2T-120 RAO-4T-120
    Operating frequency
    band, MHz
    380-400 380-400
    VSWR, not more than 1.5 1.5
    Gain,dBi 8 11
    Sector in vertical plane ,
    -3dB, ± 1°
    36° 170
    Sector in horizontal plane ,
    -3dB, ± 5°
    120° 120°
    Impedance, Ohm 50 50
    Max. power input, W 400 400
    Lightning protection all-metal structure

    Mechanical specifications

    Model RAO-2T-120 RAO-4T-120
    Weight not more than , kg 7 15.6
    Radiating unit construction material aluminum aluminum
    Radome material ABS ABS
    Radome color grey grey
    Standard mounting to a 45-60 mm dia. tube
    Optional mounting wall mount or frame side mount
    Rated wind velocity, m/s 40 40
    Wind loading area, m2 0.46 0.84
    Temperature range, °C from -50 to +50
    Connector 7/16 DIN (N-female optional)
    Size, cm 41x113x26 41x205x26

    RAO 2T Series antennas are designed for using as transceiving antennas in trunking multichannel systems supporting Tetra standard. The antennas can be used both as stand-alone sector antennas in telecommunication systems operating in cellular-segmented service zones and as the components of circular antenna arrays. The antennas of this type are of great demand due to enhanced gain factor. The RAO 2T antenna represents a phased array comprising two broad passband components with parallel feeding. Specific form of the reflector element provides the necessary radiation sectors (120°). The panel antennas of this class favorably differ from the classical folded dipole antenna arrays in that they have guaranteed standard width of the directional diagram, enhanced backfire suppression. Its special ABS-plastic radome provides reliable protection from solar ultraviolet radiation.

    RAO-2T-120, RAO-4T-120 H-plane pattern

    RAO-2T-120 E-plane pattern

    RAO-4T-120 E-plane pattern

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