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  • TK antennas power dividers

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    Electrical specifications

    Model Inputs Operating band, MHz VSWR Connects to feeder with Connects to antenna with Max. power input, kW Input-output insertion loss, dB
    TK-52V 2 136-174 1.5 N-female N-male 0,2 0,15
    TK-54V 4 136-174 1.5 N-female N-male 0.4 0.35
    TK-52VL 2 136-174 1.5 N-female N-male 0.4 0.45
    TK-52U 2 400-490 1.5 N-female N-male 0.2 0.2
    TK-54U 4 400-490 1.5 N-female N-male 0.4 0.45
    TK-52ALT 2 300-360 1.5 N-female N-male 0.2 0.18
    TK-54ALT 4 300-360 1,5 N-female N-male 0.4 0.38
    TK-72V 2 150-174 1.5 N-female PL-male 0,2 0,22
    TK-74V 4 150-174 1.5 N-female PL-male 0.4 0.34

    For constructing antenna arrays and completing antennas our company produces the devices for integrating (dividing) the signals - the signal adder units. These are hermetical cable dividers gathered at the coaxial lines of various wave impedance. The places of coupling are carefully soldered and protected against mechanical and chemical damage. In addition to the standard adder units that are applied for completing antennas, our specialists are ready to develop and manufacture the signal adder units according to your specific requirements taking into account the wave impedances of the antennas being applied, the feeding power, the number of antenna inputs, the connectors being used and the dimensions of the supporting mast. While conducting the development we try to decrease the loss level in the transmission lines and the number of transformations. Currently the modified (due to changing the amplification scheme) adder units are being manufactured with improved matching in more broad bandwidth.

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