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  • 1,8-30 Baluns
    BR-100-1, BR-100-1.5DR,
    BR-100-2.5DR, BR-100-4DR,
    BR-100-6DR, BR-100-9DR,
    BR-100-16DR, BR-100-20DR

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    Electrical specifications

    Operating frequency band, MHz 1,8-30
    Impedance ratio
    BR-100-1 1:1-50:50
    BR-100-1.5DR 1:1,5-50:75
    BR-100-2.5DR 1:2,25-50:112
    BR-100-4DR 1:4-50:200
    BR-100-6DR 1:6-50:300
    BR-100-9DR 1:9-50:450
    BR-100-16DR 1:16-50:800
    BR-100-20DR 1:20-50:1000
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Insertion loss, dB 0.2-0.4
    Input power, not more, W
    (CW, SSB)*
    Asymetrict factor no less, dB 20
    Connector SO-239
    Weight no more, kg 220
    Length/Width/Depth, mm 140x80x44 (BR-100-1 - 100x80x44)
    * The antenna power capacity is defined by the duration of transmission, type of transmission, its frequency, SWR and the ambient temperature.

    Based on the accumulated experience in the development, manufacturing and operation of BR-800 series baluns, as well as obtained invaluable experience of selling them to HAMs, we have come to a conclusion that the line of these devices should be complemented with more compact and less powerful models. Currently, the radio amateurs operate from the field using "barefoot" transceiver more and more often, so 100 W of balun passing power is quite sufficient. However, requirements to the dimensions and reliability are high. Therefore, the following improvements are implemented in our new baluns:
    1. All baluns have a cut-off choke. This ensures elimination of the antenna effect and stablizes parameters of field antennas independently of the feeder location.
    2. All baluns are manufactured basing on BBRT transformers. This means that the power is passed not by a magnetic field through the core, but over wires that considerably reduces losses of the entire balun.
    3. Baluns are completely leak-tight due to the sealing by a two-component compound.
    4. Mass of the baluns is reduced due to the decreased dimensions, light-weight plastic enclosure, absence of contact screws, role of which is fulfilled by the conventional multi-core wires.
    All baluns pass double inspection using the network analyzers before and after sealing. The wide range of baluns allows the radio amateurs to manufacture any antennas. You can examine the baluns usage in the following table: BR-100-1 Inverted V, half-wave dipole, Yagi, 2 el.Quads
    BR-100-1.5DR half-wave dipole
    BR-100-2,5DR OCF , 1 el. Quad, W3DZZ
    BR-100-4DR Windom, Delta
    BR-100-6DR Windom, Delta, loop half-wave dipole
    BR-100-9DR aperiodic travelling wave antennas
    BR-100-16DR T2FD, Flag, K9AY, Long Wire
    BR-100-20DR T2FD

    VSWR diagram

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