Directional γ-match antennas

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Model Short description Band, MHz Gain, dBi Price, EUR
Y3 VHFγ 3-element yagi with γ-match, adjusted, SO-239 144-170 7.65
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Y5 VHFγ 5-element yagi with γ-match, adjusted, SO-239 144-170 10.15
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Y9 VHFγ 9-element yagi with γ-match, adjusted, SO-239 150-170 13.65
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Y5-CDMA 5-element yagi 453-467 8.15
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Y5-433 5-element yagi 426-440 8.15
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Y5-446 5-element yagi 436-454 8.15
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Y12-2m 12-element HAM-radio antenna 144-146 14
Y16-2m 16-element HAM-radio antenna 144-146 15
Y21-70cm 21-element HAM-radio antenna 430-440 16.5
Y33-70cm 33-element antenna 430-438 19.5
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Y50-23cm 50-element antenna 23cm 19.3
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