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Model Short description
LCF-12-50J 1/2" low loss flexible cable
LCF-78-50JA-R 7/8" low loss flexible cable
8D-FB Flexible cable
10D-FB Flexible cable
SCF-12-50J 1/2" superflexible cable
N-connectors N-connectors for all types of cables
7/16-connectors 7/16-connectors for all types of cables
HSE Earthing kit
RSB Clips for LCF cables
RSB-310 Cleat
RSB-300 Straptite f. tube mounting, L-30m
RSB-301 Fastener for Straptite mounting
Plast 2000 Tube of Plast
Scotchfil Scotchfil
Scotch Super 33+ Scotch
HOIST2-L04 Hoisting stocking, open lacing, multipla use

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