Base equipment for CDMA-450, IMT-2000, SkyLink

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Model Short description Band, MHz
A6 UHF Vertical, collinear, fiberglass, 3.2 m 400-485
D4 UHF Four dipoles and power divider 400-490
DM4 UHF Four dipoles on mast 400-490
RAO-2U-60, RAO-2U-120
RAO-3U-120, RAO-4U-120
Panel sector antennas, in horizontal plane 60°, 120°, ABS 380-500
RAV-2U-90, RAV-4U-90 Lowprofil, panel sector antennas, in horizontal plane 90°, ABS 400-470
RAX-2U-70, RAX-4U-70 2 inputs panel with X-polarization, ABS 400-430/440-470
DPS2-12U Duplexer, 12 cavities, pass-reject, 2", -2,5 dB, -75 dB, 700 W 453-467,5

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