Antennas of AVIA 118-136 MHz band

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Model Short description Gain, dBi
V0 AVIA Vertical 5/8λ GP 1.77 m 2,15
F2 AVIA Collinear antenna 4.5
D1 AVIA Single folded dipole 2,15-5,15
D2 AVIA Two dipoles and power divider 5,15-8,15
D4 AVIA Four dipoles and power divider 8,15-11,15
D8 AVIA Eight dipoles and power dividers 11,15-14,15
Y5 AVIA Directional 5-element yagi with folded dipole as feed element 10,15
A10-1090 Vertical antenna 10
LPA-UAVIA Log-periodic antenna 9.5

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