400-490 MHz Hibrid transmitter combiners CH-2U-50S(D)-R/2(X/2), CH-4U-50S(D)-R/2(X/2), CH-2U-125S(D)-R/2(X/2), CH-4U-125S(D)-R/2(X/2)


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Electrical specifications

Для всех моделей: рабочий диапазон 400-490 МГц, рабочая полоса 30 МГц, импеданс 50 Ом, минимальный разнос ТХ-ТХ не ограничен, разъемы N-мама.

Mechanical specifications

Модель Число
ТХ-ТХ не
менее, dB
менее, dB
не более,Вт
Масса, кг Габариты,
CH-4UL-50-C 4 7.2 90 66 50 7.3 485x88x318
CH-4UH-50-C 4 7.2 90 66 50 7.3 485x88x318

Migration to new 12.5 kHz frequency grid pitch, intent on frequency channels consolidation and increase of resources availability, simulate growing interest in hybrid transmitter combiners. This especially concerns to trunking systems in cities, in which cellular NMT 450i communication systems are greatly developed.

Common modern situation, when single mast teems with transmitting equipment, claims for serious concern about application of devices, eliminating intermodulation interference. One of such devices represented transmitter combiners are.

Two or four-channel single-isolator transmitter combiners (CH-2U-50/125S and CH-4U-50/125S) employment is allowable at installation sites with low density of transmitting devices.

It is suggested to use double isolator transmitter combiners (CH-2U-50/125D and CH-4U-50/125D), which provide higher protection from broadcast signals, as well as from signals of transmitters, operating on different channels, if other companies' antennas are situated near yours.

The combiners of Regular (R) class provide an operation of the transmitting link in temporal regime of exploitation with TX/RX =1:5, i.e. when the working load onto the transmitters of your system is not high. The combiners of Extreme (X) class are being applied in the case when repeaters operate with enhanced load (up to 100% of the cycle). These are more expansive and highly reliable products with the valves based upon the radiators (which do not allow the ferrites to become overheated) and for massive carrying out (external) loads.

Hybrid transmitter combiner CH-4U-125S

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