118-500 MHz Active receiver power splitters ARP-2, ARP-4, ARP-8


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Electrical specifications

Model ARP-2 ARP-4 ARP-8
Operating frequency band, MHz 118-500 118-500 118-500
Number of outputs 2 4 8
Min. level of isolation, dB 25 22 18
Typical level of isolation, not less, dB 30 30 22
VSWR, not more than 1,5 1.5 1.5
Amplifier gain, dB 0 to +12 0 to +9 0 to +6
Impedance, Ohm 50 50 50
1 dB compression point, dBm 22.3 22.3 22.3
Voltage, V 5-14 5-14 5-14
Current, mA 120 120 120

Mechanical specifications

Model ARP-2 ARP-4 ARP-8
Weight, kg 0,78 0.8
Demensions, mm 485х160х44(1U) 485х160х44(1U) 485х160х88(2U)
Temperature range, °C from -30 to +50
Connectors N-female

Active reiciver power splitters are used in multichannel mobile radio systems to connect multiple receivers to one common antenna. They are a combination of a low-noise amplifier with variable gain and a wide-band distribution panel for 2, 4 or 8 channels. A feature of the product is a wide operating range and isolation in the entire operating frequency band between the input ports of the receivers, which is necessary to prevent intermodulation beats between them, and the overall size of 1 or 2U saves rack space. Spear port should be "pegged" by 50-Ohm load NC-0.2 to provide circuit balance, when only three receivers are operating.

Typical isolation ARP-4

Typical gain ARP-4

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