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  • 400-490 MHz
    Bandpass filters PF8-1U, PF8-1UL

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    Electrical specifications

    Model PF8-1U PF8-2U PF8-1UL PF8-2UL
    Operating frequency band, MHz 400-490
    Insertion loss (adjustable), dB 0,5-3 1-5 0,5-3 1-5
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Attenuation see fig.
    VSWR, not more than 1,2
    Input power, not more, W not more than 300
    Temperature range, В°C from -30 to +60
    Cavity electrical length 1/4О» 3/4О»

    Mechanical specifications

    Model PF8-1U PF8-2U PF8-1UL PF8-2UL
    Diameter, mm (ins.) 206 (8")
    Weight, kg 1,7 4,1 3,25 7,2
    Connector N-female
    Mount to 19-inch rack optional yes optional yes
    Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 206x206x360 480x210x360 206x206x800 480x210x800

    Using PF8-U series filters in antenna section of radio stations and repeaters you will raise selectivity of their receivers, lower influence of out-of-band interference, escape effect of UHF blanking by nearby radio transmitters and desensitization, and eliminate intemodulation interference, also.

    Filters, installed in transmitters circuit, lower stray emission level and prevent intermodulation products occurrence. Recommended to use if equipment is installed in locations with high density of transmitting devices.

    PF8-2U and PF5-3U filter represents two and three PF8-1U filters connected in series and combined by metal brackets. They have higher characteristics at corresponding loss.

    Typical selectivity characteristics



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