Diplexer 2m/70cm DIP-2/70-100


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Electrical specifications

Model DIP-2/70-100
Low band 120-150
High band 430-450
Insertion loss (adjustable) not more, dB 0.2
Isolation, not less, dB 90
VSWR, not more than 1.2
Input power, not more, W 100
Impedance, Ohm 50
Temperature range, �C From -20 to +40
Shematick diagram Chebyshev 7 steps

Mechanical specifications

Model DIP-2/70-100
Weight, kg 1.1
Application Indoor
Connector N-female
Mount to 19-inch rack optional
Dimensions, cm 22x12x4.5

Diplexer - the device of addition of two radio signals of various ranges. The given model differs from numerous cheap commercial diplexers the high operational characteristics. Namely - depth rejection an opposite range makes more than 90-100 dB! It is reached by application 7th steps LC filters with characteristic Chebishev. Used multiturnaround condensers with high jet power allow to pass signals of transmitters with power up to 100 watt. Such diplexers well approach for transfer on one cable in one two-band antenna of signals VHF and UHF repeaters.

Typical duplexers response curves

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