40-20-17-12-10 m Linear antenna CITY-Windom (CW40.1000),


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Top-fed antenna

Base-fed antenna

City Windom CW40.1000

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Electrical specifications

Model CITY-Windom (CW40.1000)
40 m, VSWR not more 1.4 7.0-7.2 MHz
20 m, VSWR not more 1.6 14.0-14.35 MHz
17 m, VSWR not more 4.4 18.06-18.31 MHz
12 m, VSWR not more 4.2 24.9-25.14 MHz
10 m, VSWR not more 1,4 28-29,5 MHz
Impedance, Ohm 50
Connector PL-259
Maximum power while transmitting less than 1 min. * W 1000 (PEP)
Max power during operation transmission: reception 1: 3, W 300
TX with 100% cycle at 1000 W not allowed
Length, m 26
Polarization horizontal
Weight, kg 3
* The antenna power capacity is defined by the duration of transmission, type of transmission, its frequency, SWR and the ambient temperature.

VSWR CW40.1000

H-plane pattern CW40.1000 (7MHz)

H-plane pattern CW40.1000 (14MHz)

H-plane pattern CW40.1000 (28MHz)


  • end-feed coaxial;
  • 6-band in 1 50 Ohm connector;
  • not need tuner;
  • ground not needed;
  • single line construction;
  • low cost;
  • low VSWR;
  • 100 W PEP;
  • low weight;
  • easy installation;
  • full size;
  • high gain on high bands.

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