136 - 174 MHzDipole antenna DR1 VHF


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136 - 174 MHzDipole antenna DR1 VHF

Electrical specifications

Model DR1-VHF
Operating frequency band, MHz 136 - 174
VSWR, not more than 1,5
OFFSET, dBi 5.8
Sector in vertical plane , -3dB 70°
Impedance, Ohm 50
Max. power input, W 400

Mechanical specifications

Model DR1-VHF
Weight, kg 1,2
Height/Length, M 1.1
Construction material Aluminium alloy
Mast diametr, mm 38-65
Rated wind velocity, m/s 45
Load of side wind 45 m/s, H 51
Temperature range, °C from -50 to +50
Connector N-female

DR1 VHF E-plane pattern

DR1 VHF H-plane pattern

VSWR diagram, DR1 VHF

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