2-30 MHz. Baluns BR-800-1.5DR, BR-800-2.5DR BR-800-4DR, BR-800-6DR, BR-800-9DR


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2-30 MHz. Baluns BR-800-1.5DR, BR-800-2.5DR BR-800-4DR, BR-800-6DR, BR-800-9DR

Electrical specifications

Operating frequency band, MHz 2-30
Impedance ratio
BR-800-1.5DR 50:75 (1:1.5)
BR-800-2.5DR 50:112 (1:2.25)
BR-800-4DR 50:200 (1:4)
BR-800-6DR 50:300 (1:6)
BR-800-9DR 50:450 (1:9)
Impedance, Ohm 50
Insertion loss, dB 0.23-0.45
Input power, not more, W
(CW, SSB)*
Asymetrict factor no less, dB 25
Connector SO-239
Weight, g 750-790
Length/Width/Depth, mm 112x61x346
* The antenna power capacity is defined by the duration of transmission, type of transmission, its frequency, SWR and the ambient temperature.

Several years of baluns investigation on a polygon of "Radial" company have shown that for some types of antennas, for example Windom (BR-800-4DR) or Delta (BR-800-4DR), there is also a currents cut-off from a cable braid needed except asymmetry. Appearance of spurious resonance due to the "antenna effect" of feeder forced to install a current choke. This idea was proved by the analysis of the German company Fritzel products having a such choke in their constructions. The problem has been solved after the choke installation and antenna’s resonances were clearly reflected at the SWR-meter screen without any spurious splashes. The current choke is made of fluoroplastic cable wounded over the 12 ferrite rings. The current cut-off plot is shown on the DR chart. However, this is not the only novelty. A BBRT (broadband range transformer) is used as a transformer. The principle of its operation is based on a transmission of a current over a communication line but not over magnetic field in a core, like in the conventional transformers. Such a scheme considerably increases the throughput power and reduces losses.
Each balun passes compulsory quality control. Typical SWR charts are shown on the figures.



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